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Simplifying traveling to sun-drenched destinations

The idea of Wknd Edit was founded in the summer of 2017 by couple Merih and Volkan, in the heart of Istanbul, Taksim. Inspired by their heritage, turkish traditions, seaside lifestyle and with their passion for exploring the world to discover smart, environmentally friendly products, they decided that seaside inspired, luxury hand-loomed Peshtemal beach and bath towels is going to be the core of Wknd Edit.

Beach towel - high quality Peshtemal

Bringing iconic and traditionally loomed seaside inspired  Peshtemal beach towels for everyone, their passion for the ocean, beach, and seaside lifestyle is what builds a globally admired brand and drives them to create great travel adventures and experiences.

We only produce and market Peshtemal in high-quality bamboo and cotton, and we select our manufacturers carefully. All our Peshtemal gets clean in low temperature, and you can air dry them. By doing so, we save resources.

We hope to offer you Peshtemal that fits a vast range of purposes - to the beach, in the training bag, blanket, tablecloth, plaid. Peshtemal is indeed a product that combines beauty and function.

If you live in Stockholm, you can get your Peshtemal delivered within 1 hour if you order via the Urb-it app.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are wondering about something. We will always answer within 24 hours. Feel free to follow our social media for tips, offers, and inspiration. Check out our Facebook page and Instagram for tons of inspiration.

Join our community #wkndpeople and let´s together explore the world.


Love & cheers, Merih & Volkan


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