Peshtemal Scandi Stripe

Travel Essential! Boxing champion Mikaela Lauren is picking Peshtemal Scandi Stripe as her No 1 travel essential. ”I like sand in between my toes, not on my towel. Peshtemal is perfect to bring along to the beach - it absorbs moist as well as a regular towel yet it dries 5 times faster. Perfect combo if you ask me!”

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Perfect yoga accessory

Seriously, you can use Peshtemal for almost anything.

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4 awesome reasons for why you should buy a Peshtemal

"I´ve had Peshtemal for 6 years now and I´m still using them every day. To the gym, beach and as fancy guest towels." - Merih Tasbas, founder,

Hand loomed

600 years history...

Our Peshtemal are made with tons of love! Hand loomed in a traditionell way makes them a perfect gift, for your self or someone you care for.


There´s no shame using a towel as a scarf...

Seriously. You can use our Peshtemal as you like - beach towel, gym towel , regular towel, scarf, plaid, curtain. And so on...only you set the limit.

They last a lifetime!

Oh really?

Well maybe not a life time, but at least for a century!

Nature friendly

Yes it is!

Wash your Peshtemal in low degrees, let it air dry and you´ll save both our Earths resources and money.

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Det finns väldigt många anledningar till att köpa en Peshtemal. Förutom att de är otroligt snygga och läckra så är de...
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